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Water Softener System

Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with “soft water”). Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

The water softener system is used to remove calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing. Water softening is usually achieved using lime softening or ion-exchange resins.

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Practical case study

A groundwater is to be partially softened from 275 mg/L down to 150 mg/L of CaCO? hardness. IX has been selected instead of lime softening because of its simplicity and the ease of cycling on and off to meet the water demand.the well pumping capacity is 3.8x10m3/d,and the system must be sized to meet this maximum flow rate.the source water contains only traces of iron;therefore,potential clogging problems because of suspended solids are not significant.In applications where raw water suspended solids would foul the resins,coagulation filtration or filtration pretreatment with dual-or multimedia filters would be required.

Water softener system case study 1


Design flow rate:  2 m3/h

Raw water quality: inlet Total hardness(CaCO?) range from 195.3~471.1 ppm
designed outlet Total hardness(CaCO?) ? 120 ppm

Configuration list

Nos. Equipment name Parameters
1 boost pump CNP brand,boost pump
CDLF2-3,H=33m?N=0.75KW?Q=2T/H,SS304L 220Vx3p,60Hz
2 quartz sand filter FRP vessel size:?530*H1750mm,
with multi-functional valve_1set_(10T/H),
with skid mounted UPVC_1Lot
Contents: Quartz sand media 0.35tonPressure gauge,sampling valve
3 activated carbon filter FRP filter vessel:?530*H1750mm
with multi-functional valve_1set,(10T/H),
with skid mounted UPVC_1LOT
Contents: Activated carbon media with 0.1ton,
Pressure gauge,sampling valve
4 water softener FRP filter vessel:?400*H1670mm
With multi-functional valve_1set,
Pressure gauge_2sets,
1/4” UPVC sampling valve_2pcs
Skid mounted UPVC_1lotResin=100kgs
5 regeneration system PE Brine tank_130L_1set,
Absorption of salt _1setUPVC connection pipe_1set
6 cartridge filter 30”x5pcs of elements x5?m,SS304L,Pressure gauge_1pcs,
air vent valve_1pcs5pcs of 30” PP melt brown elements
7 system connection pipeline UPVC pipeline
8 electric control panel Schneider Electric
9 equipment bracket carbon steel with paint anti-corrosion

Water softener system case study 2


water softener 14 T/h

Raw water quality: flow rate:?14 T/H;inlet hardness design 341 ppm CaCO3
designed outlet hardness leakage 10 ppm CaCo3

Configuration list

Nos. Equipment name parameters
1 boost pump CNP brand,boost pump,ss metal CDLF16-3?
H=37 m?N=3.0 KW?Q=14 T/H 220 V x 3 p , 60 Hz
2 foot valve foot valves for pump suctionDN50 plastic
3 water softener FRP tank: ?48”*H72”top and bottom flange4”configuration
per set(multiple valve
1set,pressure gage 2pcs,
1/4 UPVC pipleline,sampling valve 2pcs,
UPVC withi piping in front 1lot,resin 961L)
4 system connection pipe fitting UPVC
5 electronic control system Schneider Electric
6 regeneration system configuration per set(brine tank 1 T,PE,Salt suction valve 1 pcs,connection pipe fiting 1lot)
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