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Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment

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Slaughter wastewater is produced from washing pens, leaching, slaughtering animals and other food processing procedures. Slaughter wastewater mainly contains oil, meat, bone residue, hair and feces, with brownish red color and a strong stench. Slaughter wastewater contains high organic suspended solids and high COD, it is featured like this: a, high flow; b, variable flow at different time; c, high concentration, high suspended solids; d, easy to degrade by microorganism; e, high concentration of ammonia nitrogen.

Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment Process

slaughtering wastewater treatment process

In this 60t / d slaughtering wastewater treatment project, slaughtering wastewater is first stored in the storage tank, removing part suspended solids, then mix with flushing water in the grid tank. Grid filtered water then goes into the primary tank to adjust the flow meter, then flow into the UASB tank, where macro organic molecules are degraded into small organic molecules. UASB product water enters the contact oxidation tank, COD is degraded by aerobic bacteria through metabolism. Then product water goes to the middle tank, and pumped through the sand filter and sterilizer to be discharged.

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