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Water Purification Systems

As the amount of population growth year by year , safe and clear water needed so seriously during the past 30 years.

Nowadays, river water is still the main source for human drinking, so river water purification and disinfection becomes necessary before drinking, because the river water may contents excessive organic or maybe polluted by industrial waste water, without any purification measures of river water , it may bring disease such as diarrhea and even poisoning.

River water purification system which belong to water supply system, we hereby introduce our key purification system and water supply system before drinking , whatever we make sure you can enjoy the safe and clear water.

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Surface water as a water source,integrating reaction,sedimentation,filtration,if combining with chemical dosing, disinfection, ConHoo river water purification systems mainly consist of  lamella/tube clarifier for pretreatment combine with precipitation.

1.  Surface water as a water source, integrating reaction, sedimentation, filtration, if combining with chemical dosing, disinfection then it can be multifunctional water purification station.

2. This equipment absorbing advance technology of inclined plate & tube with an embedded layer of filter material,

3. Equipment with right of technological parameter, compact structure, easy operation, high water filtration, better filtration effect.

4. This equipment removal of colloidal particles is typically achieved by coagulation to form …  on colloids and suspended solids,  including bacteria and viruses, further more it also can reduce the odor in water.

5. After removing iron and manganese then effluent water become clear, transparency, tasteless. Approaching the national stipulated drinking water turbidity standard.

6. Suitable for cities and towns, industrial and mining enterprises water demand as well as industrial wastewater treatment.

Attention: if the raw water salt concentration approach to sea water, please click here to contact with our seawater desalination systems agent.

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