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ConHoo reverse osmosis water purification system is designed for purified water and mineralized water in one system.This system with advanced technical method by our engineer to satisfy the need of our Australian demand to purify municipal tap water into two kinds of directly drinkable water, which are integrated into one automatic water vending machine in an Australian shopping mall.

Our experienced engineer designed the technological process for this desalination machine system with purifying process of MMF + ACF + SOF + BWRO + Ozone + UV + Mineralizer. Through the whole purifying process, municipal tap water (TDS?500mg/L), which is source water, will be finally transferred into purified water and mineralized water simultaneously and issuing from two outlets of this desalination machine system.

  •  Sophisticated technological process design for 2 in 1 Combo Water Maker, producing both purified and mineralized water simultaneously;
  •  Selection of world-famous components including DOW membranes, Omron PLC, Schneider electric parts, and Philips UV lamps;
  •  High quality SS304 material guarantees supreme standard of drinking water;
  •  UV sterilizer for zero bacteria environment and specialized Ozone generator ;
  •  Low energy consumption and super compact size;
  •  Fully automatic control with manual mode available;
  •  No need for on-site commissioning by advanced design of “Plug-and-Play” easy operation.

Security Filter

UV Sterilizer

Ozone Generator

Why UV Sterilization Is Important?

After raw water is treated, if it is to reach the drinking water standards, then it is definitely to be sterilized. The most common is uv sterilization and ozone sterilization. Water UV sterilization method is not to add any new impurities in the water, nor to make the treated water to make any chemical changes, but in a very short period of time to complete the sterilization process within its equipment. Therefore, the UV sterilization methods are mostly suitable for the production of sterile water sterilization. Microbial control of water used in the instrumentation plant includes bacteria of the genus Bacillus, wild yeasts, filamentous fungi and the like that are associated with the deterioration of the quality of the products and corruption.

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Reverse osmosis water purification specification:

1. Sand filter – mainly used for the removal of the sediment from water.
2. Carbon filter–mainly used for chlorine removal and other organic gases, also to clear up the taste of water.
3. Water Softener–Exchange “Ions” of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method.
4. High pressure pump- Provide the high pressure to RO membrane.
5. RO Unit– The main part of the plant. The RO membrane’s desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions.
6. Pure water tank: After the below process, the water result is pure enough for different applications.

ConHoo, a Manufacturing with professional engineering team, offering integration service, easy and convenient.

  • The whole machine uses imported membrane components and Danfoss high-pressure pumps and instruments, the quality assurance of whole machine lasting for 1 year.
  • The seawater desalination equipment is advanced, quality assurance, simple operation, has obtained “ISO9001 international quality management system” certificate.
  • Long service life. Rigorous process design, fine and meticulous equipment selection, to ensure a longer service life and lower maintenance cost.
  • Advanced water quality detection and control and excellent system maintenance proposal ensure that the output water quality is stable and the water production meets WHO standards.
  • High intelligence: our company has accumulated many years of successful experience in engineering, summed up a set of operation management model. And provide a central monitoring and control system with good man-machine dialogue function.