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Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

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There is a microbial fermentation process in the biopharmaceutical unit, producing large amount of organic components after the extraction of useful substances, this chemical residue contains certain acids, bases and organic agents. These materials eventually mix with the clean rinse water, eventually forming a difficult wastewater.  Pharmaceutical products take only 5 percent to 15 percent of all feedstock, the remaining form the residual as wastewater or gas.

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process

pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process

This zero emission water reuse project has been completed in a pharmaceutical company in Inner Mongolia, which is the largest in the use of MFT super RO membrane, recovery rate goes up to 90%.  The wastewater consists of penicillin pharmaceutical wastewater, water system brine, recycled water drainage and biological effluent water. The project has been commissioned in December 2014 and under normal operation ever since, treating 6300 tons of wastewater per day. The entire treatment process use more than one thousand membranes including UF membrane, spiral wound RO membrane and super RO membrane.

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Case study

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