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Paper making wastewater treatment system

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About Paper-making Wastewater

In the pulping and paper-making process, it mainly produces three kinds of wastewater: black(red)fluid, mesomere wastewater and paper-making whitewater. Black(red) fluid primarily is digesting pulping wastewater, mesomere wastewater includes pulp washing bleaching wastewater (filter), and paper-making wastewater is writing workshop wastewater. The environmental pollution of digesting pulping wastewater is the most serious, accounting for 90% of whole paper industry. Main component of black fluid consists of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, simple sugars, organic acids and sodium hydroxide. It can comprehensively recover useful substances of wastewater. Mesomere wastewater pollutants are complicated, which contains high concentration lignin, cellulose, nonbiodegradable materials, and thus rich organic chloride which is great damage to environment in bleaching stage.

Paper making wastewater treatment process description

The project employs the combination of physicochemical and biochemical treatment. Paper-making wastewater is lifted by lift pump into coagulation reaction tank after out from adjusting tank. Firstly conduct coagulation reaction in the tank, resolve some part of refractory organics in wastewater, at the same time suspended solids of wastewater are formed into large particles. Then initially reduce water concentrations of suspended particulate matter with accumulating suspended solids of particles, and flocculation precipitation.

paper making wastewater treatment

The sedimentation Supernatant liquor out from sloping plate sedimentation tank naturally enters into hydrolysis acidification, anoxic tank after adjusting PH. Organics in the wastewater is resolved in the effect of Oxic and Anaecrobic microorganism to remove most organics of wastewater. The membrane bioreactor tank removes COD and BOD5, cleaning up wastewater and improving particle subsidence. After that then enter into middle tank by aspiration, and then lifted by booster pump into reverse membrane system, so as to remove chromaticity, SS and inorganic salt ions for after standard recycling.

The surplus sludge in biochemical tank, sedimentation tank enters into concentrated tank through sludge pump, and supernatant liquor in concentrated tank flows back to adjusting tank, then sludge is filtered through screw pump, after filtering the mud cakes are outward transport. In addition, some part of water product in sand filter tank flows back to adjusting tank, forming the recycling of sewage treatment, making water quality stable and reducing the load of trailing buildings.

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