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Mine Wastewater Treatment System

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Mine wastewater forms when natural solvents dissolved in water, together with mineral water, mine dam overflow and slag yard leaching water in general. Typically, the mine wastewater pH value is between 7 to 8, poor alkaline. Sulfur mine wastewater is acidic, because SO2 dissolved to form acidic H2SO3. there are some sulfur mines in surrounding rocks and coals. These sulfur mines can be oxidized in air, producing acidic water, Especially in the mining tunnel, where there is  large amount of infiltration groundwater and ventilation, the oxidation of sulphide minerals happens.

Mine wastewater treatment process

mine wastewater treatment process

Coal mining wastewater first enters the equalization tank, in this tank some large particles and suspended solids are removed.  After that coagulation sedimentation  takes place in the primary sedimentation tank, getting rid of some small particles and colloidal. Then hardness ions like Calcium and Magnesium ions are precipitated by adding Na2CO3. a double pass sand filter follows to treat the wastewater for protecting UF and RO membranes. Membrane treated water is qualified for discharge or reuse. Some brine is recycled back to the previous process. The whole process is controlled by PLC.

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