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Medical Water System

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Medical water system play an import role in healthcare systems, used to provide large volumes of ultrapure water throughout the hospital and clinic. ConHoo offers a complete range of water purification systems for medical use, designed to meet the needs of small through large volume applications. For example,

  • Hemodialysis water treatment system
  • Biochemical analyzer water treatment equipment
  • Oral special pure water plant,
  • Test and research pure water equipment
  • Sterilization pure water equipment

RO membrane is able to reject almost 98 percent salt from the feed water, while it’s vulnerable to particles, colloidal. Pretreatment system is design to work for RO device, including media filter, ultrafiltration, cartridge filters.

Medical Water System Process

We design the system by purification raw fresh water, These systems are economical, easy to use, water and energy saving, always help to improve productivity and results. Medical pure water systems use a 2-step industrial water treatment that includes a Reverse Osmosis device and an electric deionization equipment, this process removes not only bacterial contaminants, but also the high mineral content found in tap water which reduces staining of surfaces when those minerals are present.

medical ultrapure water treatment process

The processes are listed below:

Step Process Usage
1 Multimedia filter Sediment particles
2 100-micro filtration Particles
3 Ultrafiltration Particles, some bacteria
4 5-micro filtration Particles >1 µ
5 Reverse osmosis (1st pass) TDS down to 5 ppm
6 1-micro filtration Particles >1 µ
7 Reverse osmosis (2nd pass) TDS down to 1.3 ppm
8 Electro deionization Resistivity up to 15M?·cm
9 Ultraviolet light(UV) 2nd pass Bacteria and TOC


  • Consistently delivering pure water.
  • Easy to install and replace the consumables
  • Saving space
  • PLC control system
  • Advanced water quality online monitoring

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case study
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