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Electronic Water Purification System

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  • Description

It is one of characteristics of water molecular that it acts as a perfect semi-conductor when it’s in a purest condition, without no other solvents like salt, organics. Depending on the impurities within water, it is capable of insulating or conducting electricity, making it an incredibly valuable resource in almost any large-scale electrical system. In order to precisely control the different mineral, ion, and gas impurities in water for its use as a semiconductor, ConHoo has developed a set of water processes to meet the need for electronic use.

ConHoo is very expert at designing electronic water purification system, completing a lot of cases worldwide. The mature process for small to large range 1st RO+2nd RO+EDI, producing ultrapure water for use, with resistivity up to 17.0 M?·cm.

  • Ultrapure water system process of electronic industry:

A 2nd RO is designed to remove 99 percent salt from the raw water, EDI remove almost every possible mineral left, permeate achieve ultrapure condition for use in semi-conductor production. EDI has exceptionally strict requirements on the feed water, with conductivity under 10us/cm. then usually a second level RO is designed to work with EDI.

RO membranes also have strict demand on its feed water quality, SDI, residual chlorine, turbidity, etc. in order to protect RO membranes, a reasonable pretreatment system and an assisting dosing system must be devised to work along. The pretreatment system always consists of multimedia filter, activated carbon filter, ultrafiltration, these physical filters clear out big particles, bacteria, organic macromolecular.

water purification process

  • Process Details

The complete membrane method water treatment technology is effective, safe, stable, environmental protective, thus becoming more and more popular worldwide in industry water treatment. The most common process is listed below.

Step Process Usage
1 Multimedia filter Sediment particles
2 100-micro filtration Particles
3 Ultrafiltration Particles, some bacteria
4 5-micro filtration Particles >1 µ
5 Reverse osmosis (1st pass) TDS down to 5 ppm
6 1-micro filtration Bacteria
7 Reverse osmosis (2nd pass) TDS down to 1.3 ppm
8 EDI Residual salt, organics


According to the information customer provided we help design the tailored water purification system for customers, taking consideration of invest, space, product quality, etc. Conhoo provide quality assurance in all our products and services by successfully competing other players in the water purification field. Until today, Conhoo has provided service for over one hundred customers, in Asia, Africa, and many other places on earth.

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