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Domestic wastewater treatment

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Domestic wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. It includes wastewater from kitchen, bathroom etc. Sewage can be dangerous for humans and environment, attribute to it containing large mount of bacteria, viruses and parasites ( including worms and protozoans). Thus it should be treated before discharged the resident domestic wastewater into the natural water bodies.

As people aware of environment protection and saving water resource, some community developed to reuse domestic wastewater as green plants water by residential wasterwater treatment system.

Domestic wastewater treatment process

domestic wastewater treatment process

The MBR process is a suspended growth activated sludge system that utilizes microporous membranes for solid/liquid separation in lieu of secondary clarifiers. The typical arrangement shown in this Figure,  includes submerged membranes in the aerated portion of the bioreactor, an anoxic zone and internal mixed liquor recycle .Incorporation of anaerobic zones for biological phosphorus removal has been the focus of recent research, and there is at least one full scale facility of this type being designed presently in North America. As a further alternative to the Figure, some plants have used pressure membranes (rather than submerged membranes) external to the bioreactor.

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