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Boiler Water Softener With Salt Box

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Industrial boiler water softener is a integrated equipment composed of a resin tank, salt tank and controller, in which the installation of centralized control valve, actualize procedure control operation, automatic regeneration, using the siphon principle of absorbing salt, automatic injection of salt concentration, without salt pump, dissolving salt and other ancillary equipment .

Technical Parameters

Filter of industrial water softening equipment is resin (that can be realized the softening function ). When water flow through equipment , resin will automatically adsorb calcium of raw water , magnesium ion , hardness of impurities etc , After a period of time , it gradually saturates, then we must use saline to make it back to the regeneration, with adsorption capacity for the service status, to provide clean and soft water to the family repeatedly , it is a process of soft water machine called “regeneration”.

  • Working pressure: 0.2-0.6MPa
  • Common pressure: 0.3MPa.
  • Water hardness: ?8mmol/L
  • Effluent Hardness :?0.03mmol/L
  • Raw water temperature: 2?-50? , resin type: 001×7
  • Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz; power: 3-125W

System Characteristics

  • Energy saving: because of the siphon principle, regeneration without salt pump, equipment power is only 3-135W.
  • Automation: through the program control device, realize automation of ion exchange and resin regeneration process ;
  • Water saving: more than 98% water production rate ; Non-toxic: valve body is lead-free brass or engineering plastics ; High efficiency: water softener design is reasonable, make the resin work effectively, exchange capacity fully play ;
  • Save labor: no special operation required, installation is simple;
  •  Anti-corrosion tank: the tank body uses glass steel, stainless steel, steel lined with plastic material, avoid the resin pollution;
  • Convenient adjustment: regeneration cycle and time can be adjusted according to the need.

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