In this order, three kits of spring water purification systems for 3 different village of Yunnan province, 100 T/D, 200 T/D and 1000 T/D. Yunnan province is one of the best environment province in China, it is famous by good air, water resource and suitable climate. Our customer need simple process to treat spring water so that it can produce drinkable water for local residents.

Basic Info:

Customer?Villages of Yunnan Province in China

Product flow?100 m3/d, 200 m3/d, 1000 m3/d

Process : MMF ? ACF?UV sterilizer?use point

Type of feed water?spring water

Product quality?conductivity?1 us/cm

Use of point?drinking water

Time of construction?Sep. 28th, 2015

Installation in our workshop

parts of spring water purification system
filter of spring water purification system
spring water purification systems
spring water purification plants

Package & Delivery

package water purification system
delivery water purification system
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