industrial water purification plants

We, ConHoo Water Treatment Plants Co.,Ltd can design water purification systems for these water use, if you need out of them, please kindly contact us.

  • Drinking water plant
  • Farm irrigation water system
  • River water filtration system
  • Hotel water supply system
  • Food & beverage water purification system
  • Electroplating pure water system
  • Boiler feed water system
  • Medical water system
industrial water purification plants

What will you get from us ?

According to you raw water condition, and product water quality requirement, our engineer team will design water treatment solution for you.

  • Get the water treatment technical scheme, including profile, planning layout, process drawing, even 3D designing blueprint
  • Get the most professional advice about the water treatment system.
  • Get the most reasonable quotation.
  • If necessary, we can send you invitation card to visit our factory.

Get Further Info Now, It’s Free.

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