Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment contact us There is a microbial fermentation process in the biopharmaceutical unit, producing large amount of organic components after the extraction of useful substances, this chemical residue contains certain


Mine wastewater treatment

Mine Wastewater Treatment System Contact Us Mine wastewater forms when natural solvents dissolved in water, together with mineral water, mine dam overflow and slag yard leaching water in general. Typically, the mine


Oil and gas wastewater treatment

Oil and gas wastewater treatment Contact us Oil and gas field wastewater is derived from the petroleum and natural gas exploration. The water quality and quantity is relative to the process, exploration


Membrane bioreactor

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Ask for quote Description Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is now widely used for municipal (example. residential wastewater treatment) and industrial wastewater treatment, attributed to


Paper making wastewater treatment

Paper making wastewater treatment system Contact us About Paper-making Wastewater In the pulping and paper-making process, it mainly produces three kinds of wastewater: black(red)fluid, mesomere wastewater and paper-making whitewater. Black(red) fluid primarily


Textile Dyeing Wastewater treatment

Textile dyeing wastewater treatment system Ask for quote The textile dyeing industry consumes large quantities of water and produce large volumes of wastewater from different steps in the dyeing and finishing processes,


Electroplating wastewater treatment

Electroplating wastewater treatment Ask for quote [contact-form-7 id="140" title="Contact Us"] Electroplating wastewater comes from surface plating operations where the metal is dipped in an electroplating solution of various types of metals and


Rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater Harvesting System Ask for quote Rainwater harvesting system can be installed to reuse rainwater on-site by accumulation and deposition. It could be wildly used for gardens, livestock, irrigation, domestic use with


Leachate treatment

Landfill leachate treatment system Landfill leachate is generated  as a result of precipitation, surface run-off, and infiltration of groundwater percolating through a landfill. The discharge of landfill leachate can lead to serious environmental