The main part of drinking water purification system is the RO system (reverse osmosis system). RO technology is a desalination technique with physical method. Compared with other water purification process, RO technique is widely applied in various fields and industries by its outstanding advantages of product water quality.

The advantages of bottled drinking water purification system

1.RO drinking water purification system removes the impurities and excessive particles in water by physical methods on condition of room temperature. At present, the ultra-thin composite membrane removes 99.9% impurities in water, also the colloids, bacteria and virus are removed quickly and efficient at the same time

2.The bottled drinking water purification system adopts automatic pretreatment system, which can operate continuously, and it is convenient to operate and maintain. Furthermore, it produce water stable and save a part of operation cost.

3.It is easy to operate, so it saves labor cost. The drinking water purification system makes the hydraulic pressure as the power, and it is a water treatment process of energy saving.

4.In the process, there is no acid and alkaline chemical effluent need to neutralize, so it is suitable for long-term use, and it is environmental friendly.

5.Small footprint of the overall system, it improves the space utilization. Long lifespan and high automatic degree save the operation cost, and there is less maintenance work.

6.Inspecting and controlling the water quality on line to guarantee the safety of product water. Combining the features of raw water, the product water meets the designing requirement.

The bottle filling system is matched with the drinking water purification system, so that the water purification and filling processes finished continuously and automatically. The complete set of bottled drinking water purification system is composed scientifically with high technology, which increases the output of purified drinking water. The most important thing is that the product water meets the requirements of safety and healthy to the drinking water.